Saturday, October 10, 2015


I’m a beginning artist and simply a good guy looking for like-minded people. My name is Jeffrey Skitters, I’m 23 and I study art at Lesley University. My girlfriend Tiffany says I have quite a talent. After classes, I go to the central park and paint pictures for sale. It can be a park view, someone’s portrait or simply my own thoughts. This is actually how I met Tiff. I saw a girl on the bench; she had a very sad but beautiful face, still wet with tears. She was sitting there quite long staring blankly into space, unaware that I was painting her all that time. When I was finished, I came up to her, gave her the picture and said everything was going to be ok. In a couple of hours, we were kissing on a bus, hehe. Turned out her ex dumped her that day, what an idiot! Well, good for me, hah. So if you ever see a tall dude in a striped hoodie propping up his easel somewhere near Brewer Fountain, say hi :)

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