Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A story for inspiration

I’ve always admired people with impaired abilities who live a full life despite their condition. All those stories about sportsmen who lost their legs and still won a championship wearing prostheses or blind artists painting masterpieces really inspire me. I mean, we like complaining that we don’t have enough to make our dreams come true, but look at them! They don’t have anything! Yet they’ve achieved more than any of us could ever thought! I read an article recently telling about a Broadway musical with deaf actors. Here it is Since they couldn’t hear the music and didn’t know when to start singing, the producer included a whole system of visual signals like gestures by hearing actors or color-coded stage lights to clue them in. It was all part of the show, so the viewers didn’t realize the deaf singers were actually prompted to sing. To the audience, it looked like they were performing all on their own. I’m not a great fan of theater, but I’d really love to see that with my own eyes! Deaf people singing, can you imagine anything like that? It really motivates me to keep singing in the shower, hehe. But I’ll spare the ears of my roommate and go painting instead. I feel it’s gonna be something special today!

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